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Vortex Laser Reiki level 1-4


Vortex Laser Reiki

Vortex Laser Reiki is a high quality energy and a wonderful tools for healing and balancing our meridians and chakra systems. This Reiki system also a powerful clearing energy for our energy field bodies. The Vortex Laser Reiki will flow very faster like as the laser and spin like a spiral (Vortex). The energy that flows like this (Fast and Spin) will be very effective to clean energy channels (meridians). They help strengthen and support all your energy bodies. Simultaneously they may also help you to energetically resolve unresolved

“issues” in our life.

Vortex Laser Reiki is very effective to heal all kinds of diseases but will be more effective on all of these above conditions and on a wide arena of less physical based diseases such as mood swings, emotional crises, anger, mental illness, depression, tension, anxiety, trauma, feelings of not being good enough, feelings of being unworthy, sexual dysfunctions, sexual abuse, jealousy, self esteem issues, phobias, dogmas, being stuck, grief, loss, betrayal, self sabotage, and fear of success/failure resulting in financial problems. Even having a lack of money or a poverty consciousness are conditions, which can be healed. Generally, benefits of Vortex Laser Reiki : Heals and cleans ourselves and others. Reinforces the positive aspects of the physical, mental and energetic planes. Increases the healthy flow of energy, mastery of energy. Enhances your positive relationship with the universe, resulting in improved harmony and balance. Develops enhanced healing, regeneration

There is 5 days between each level of attunement and it is necessary to understand how to work with the chakras, etheric bodies and aura before undertaking this attunement.

All levels are attuned the 'same way' but the practice will be different...for instance, level one deals solely with the physical body and therefore requires hands on usage (body part/area) however, level 2 you can heal and cleanse the Physical and Astral Plane (Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astal Body) from any negativity and also doing a distance healing (remote healing), hence you will need to know how to work with those bodies energetically. Each level builds in knowledge that you have previously gained, only difference will be in the attunement/modality/energy treatment.

Upon purchase you will receive the manual and instruction via email. Upon completion of all 4 levels you will receive your certificate. Prior energywork and experience is advised.

there are other packages on chakras, aura and etheric bodies available if you need them and such information will be sent at the sametime to you!

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