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Life Path Empowerment by Linda Colibert


Life Path Empowerment

founder Linda Colibert

The Life Path Empowerment will help you discover and strengthen your connection to your personal guides. It will help you discover your life’s path and stay on that path. This is an empowerment that connects you to your Higher Self and your guides so that you will accelerate your Spiritual growth and ascension. The Life Path Empowerment is easy to use and gives you access to communicate with your personal guides in a way that allows you to know who your guides are, often giving you the names of your guides, and teaching you how to receive clear guidance from them so that you can discover your Life Path and stay true to it. The Life Path Empowerment was given to me by my personal guide, Bernice. She has insisted that this empowerment system be simple and easy to use so that everyone who wants and needs guidance can receive it and apply it. It is one attunement with a simple symbol that you can use to focus and strengthen the connection to your guides.

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