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Brazilian Phenacite Phenakite Sterling Silver Hand Wrapped Crystal Pendant #35


Brazilian Phenacite Pendant

handmade by

Rev. Laura Bradley

Beautiful Soul Art (tm) Jewelry

This is one extremely LARGE Brazilian Phenacite Crystal!!

The stone itself measures

18 mm long

20 mm widest

Phenakite, also spelled Phenacite, is the highest Angel Crystal. Phenakite means "the deceiver" in ancient Greek, because it looks so much like a diamond when it is cut into a faceted gemstone. Phenacite allows you to bring universal love into your life. It clears, cleanses, and activates all of the in-body Chakras. This stone is most connected to the Chakra out of your body, above the Crown Chakra. It is an excellent Healing Crystal, altering the ethereal energies to heal the physical body. It works well with other stones, including Angel Crystals, facilitating their energies and using all those energies to do its work. You only have to see this wonderful gemstone in either "gemmy" rough or in a gem to know how special it is.

If this is calling you...

Holding and wearing this beauty will definitely have its intended effect upon you!

I have used all .925 Sterling silver wire and bail in making this myself...never to be repeated, it would make a unique and unusual addition to your metaphysical jewelry collection. It is large enough for either a man or a woman.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to ask any questions you may have.


Rev. Laura




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