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Ledum Essential Oil Organic Labrador Tea 1 ounce


Pure Organic Ledum Essential Oil

From Canada

100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil of Ledum (Labrador Tea) Organic.

Ledum groenlandicum. Also known as "Labrador Tea" & "Greenland Moss"

Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled Leaves

Unfortunately due to the FDA cracking down on 'medical claims' or using words that would suggest 'a new drug' or even eluding that this would be good for this or that... I cannot state legally what to use this for in this ad without etsy, the FDA and who knows who else coming down on me....sad that we live in this world that documented uses of essential oils and herbs comes to this...please contact me with any questions...I am a certified clinical aromatherapist through ISHA and have been using essential oils for myself and my family for 20 plus years SAFELY!

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