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11mm Rhodizite Crystal Stone Sterling Silver Pendant Soul Art #3


Soul Art by Rev. Laura

High Vibrational




Sterling Silver Pendant

.925 sterling silver wire and bail

Rhodizite from Madagascar



Total Length of Pendant:

29 mm long

The stone is 11 mm long

Rhodizite crystals are typically quite small, but size in this case is not an issue... as they embody a powerful energy and have many impressive metaphysical properties.

Their vibration can be felt very easily by most people. Even the bigger pieces may be classified as tiny.. and yet when you hold one between your fingers, you can easily feel a pleasant zing of energy... and their vibration may cause a flash of heat to go through your body.

They have a strong resonance... and you may clearly feel it at the solar plexus chakra. This energy is known to be especially helpful to boost the strength of your will, and it may aid you to develop a stronger will-power. As this chakra is also related to manifestation... this is why they are an excellent help to boost abundance and prosperity in your life.

They are also powerful stones to use to aid you to develop psychic powers... and their energy is known to be very powerful to awaken many psychic gifts... including telepathy, distance viewing and psychic visions or clairvoyance, and maybe other psychic abilities. Personally... my clairaudient abilities come to life when using them, and my connection to my guides is also elevated by their vibration.

This is a stone that has no negativity within its vibration, nor is it even neutral, but has an unquestionably powerful positive resonance... that will magnify the energy of any other pieces you use with them, as well as magnifying what you think about.

these are true works of art and not to be repeated EVER...

each Soul Art(tm) pendant is unique

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