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Unicorn Energy Healing System


Unicorn Healing energy introduces you to mystical Unicorns. It is thought that the Unicorns are coming to us now to teach the world the gift of unconditional love and power of Healing through their energy and the Unicorn horn.

Unicorns are thought to be astral beings that vibrate at such a high frequency that we cannot see them. They are present though and if you are drawn to this modality or Unicorns in general, they are probably around you on the ethereal plane.

You will learn:

Some Unicorn history

The Unicorn Meditation Journey

The symbol

How to use Unicorn Energy

Attunement process

How to receive

The manual has a very wonderful description of what Unicorns are and how they can help us to heal. It was really well written and I loved the information and feel of this energy. This attunement is similar to Reiki, in that it can help one heal, but it is not a Reiki modality.

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