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Angel Flames Reiki Attunement


Angel Flames Reiki

Angel Flames Reiki is a beautiful and powerful energy system to help heal your mind, body and spirit. The angels are very intelligent and can help you heal yourself of most things such as relationship issues, addictions, negativity, stress and insomnia.

There are three attunements. The first produces a gold quadruple-terminated (4 points) crystal, pointing North, East, South, and West, at the crown Chakra, which is placed by an angel guide. It settles horizontally in the crown Chakra and spins when activated. The second produces a ball of flame at the sixth Chakra, which is also placed by an angel guide and flames when activated. The two together give the practitioner an Angel Flame that is powered through the crystal at the crown Chakra and guided by the third eye Chakra. These attunements must be accessed within 24 hours of each other.

The Practitioner Level Attunement produces a very clear, focused energy that allows one to produce a warm to very hot healing energy. When activated at the Practitioner Level, there is a connection made between the flame and the crystal. It is important when using this on others to check their level of comfort. Not everyone is comfortable with the same level of flame. It is the recipient and not the practitioner who must decide this.

The third attunement is for the Master/Teacher Level Certification. This attunement is sent with a seal which permanently adds three points to the crystal one shoots up through the crown Chakra to infinity. The other shoots into the earth’s core. The third is the anchor or axis in the fourth Chakra which allows the crystal to spin continuously and this eternally ignites the flame in the third eye. Thus there is a permanent activation. The anchor in the heart chakra is what seals the crystal and the flame into one. At this level extra care should be taken to assure the flame level comfort with others,then you receive seven empowerment angel flames from the Archangels as follows.

Extra Angel Flame Empowerment's after you become a master.

1. Angel Flame Judgment, Colour Red, Archangel Raphael

2. Angel Flame Mercy, Colour Yellow, Archangel Jophiel

3. Angel Flame Power, Colour Orange, Archangel Zadkiel

4. Angel Flame Love, Colour Green, Archangel Chamuel

5. Angel Flame Knowledge, Colour Blue, Archangel Uriel

6. Angel Flame Vision, Colour Indigo, Archangel Gabriel

7. Angel Flame Wisdom, Colour Violet, Archangel Michael

You will receive the following:

1.The 3 attunements,

2.The Manual,

3.Master Certificate,

4.Guidance and support,

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