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The Indigo Light Empowerment Enhance Psychic Abilities



The Indigo Light Empowerment

There is only 1 Prerequisite to receive this Attunement.

You must be attuned to Kundalini Reiki Master Level or Usui Reiki Level 1 or above before taking the Indigo Light Empowerment.

This system does not use any Usui symbols, other than the Indigo Lightburst for meditational focus but having a basic understanding of Energy Healing is Ideal.

This system is more of a personal growth system, than a healing system. It raises your vibration, and allows you to develop your psychic abilities and will also help you to learn to communicate with others, animals, and the nature Spirit’s through empathy and intuition at a faster pace by connecting you to the higher realms.

As such, it also works to help raise the vibration of Earth and Humanity, which in turn, speeds our evolution to higher dimensional thinking.

The Indigo Light Empowerment energy works with the third eye chakra and psychic centers. It enhances psychic abilities through empathy and love.

This system will provide a calming effect on Indigo Children and Indigo Adults.


Rev Laura

this system is by Linda Colbert


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