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Flower Power Attunement



What is Flower Attunement?

Flower attunement is a single attunement master level. This attunement can be passed down to others as well to assist them with their healing process. One does not have to do series of attunements to pass these flower attunements down to assist others. Once attuned to any of these flowers, you can access this flowers energy to work in the background to assist in healing your body at all levels. What I mean by all levels is that this flower’s energy ministers its healing energy to your mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, and etheric body to create a holistically healthy physical body.

Why Attune to Flowers?

Flowers are one of the basic things that present God’s energy at work. They are in pure resonance. What I mean by that is that these flowers are not affected by human mass conscious thoughts nor are they burdened by our life styles on this Earth. They continue to maintain pure resonance of energy. Each flower has a specific energy to help heal and with this attunement you will learn to tap into the power of the flowers to help yourself, others and the earth.



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