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Sun Goddess AMATERASU Healing Light Reiki Attunement



Who Is Amaterasu?

The Great Sun Goddess of Japan, she is the supreme deity of the Shinto religion and is ruler of all the kami, the gods, or, more properly, the forces inherent in nature. She is the “Great Shining Light” that illuminates the heavens and earth. Her special sacred site is the Grand Shrine of Ise, where she is enshrined in the Inner Sanctuary (shown at right; below right: the steps leading to the outer gate of the inner sanctuary, in which the Great Bright Light is enshrined.)

The Japanese believe in the prophecies that “Amaterasu” is returning to earth at this time. And then there is Nostradamus and his predictions and Edgar Cacye and his prophecies. Edgar Cacye is probably the most detailed and descriptive in his prophecies. He said there would be a new earth pole in the winter of 1998. Even the United Nations believes that within this period of time the earth will double it’s population, and most of the earth will die. The message of the Flower of Life is that the change will happen during the next 15 years. We are ready now, but Life will decide when we will move. So now that the Time of Great Change is here, what do we do?

Learn from Sun Goddess AMATERASU in how to live!

Allow Love to flow to go from darkness to light!

In this lengthy manual you will learn the background of Reiki, how it ties into Shinto and how to tap into the Goddess power of Amaterasu, through prayer, meditation and her healing light. There are 3 methods of attunement...Violet Breath, Self Empowerment and a full pass along traditional Reiki Attunement. You may pick which one you wish to do or all three! Each one has a different level of power...

May you forever be the light!


Rev. Laura

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