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Self-Help Guide to Untying Chakra Knots/Blocks


Fears and unwanted thinking patterns create knots or blockages in your chakras. Once your Chakra knots are exposed,

and you know what sort of problem you are working on, you can begin untying them. If you begin unraveling

knots, (when they take up too much of your head space) don't hesitate to perform this exercise.

A step by step guide to help you find and release knots/blockages in your chakras, the unwanted and perhaps hidden, self defeating inner thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from having the life you want. Using visualization, self talk and self counseling you can be all that you desire.

You will receive the ‘how to’ manual plus another manual that explains each chakra so that you may better understand and identify which chakra you are working with.

Enter your innerself to heal yourself!

Do not allow fear to control you!


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