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Blue Star Celestial Energy


Blue Star Celestial Energy

Level 1 and Master

A Natural Healing Method Of Truth and

Light Channeled by Makuan

Blue Star Celestial Energy offers a passage through the universal door allowing the adept

to continue the search for knowledge, enlightenment and it’s sharing with all sentient


Blue Star is not only concerned with the immediate benefits such as health, protection,

financial gain, and other matters pertaining to the needs of everyday life, it is also aimed

towards the growth, evolution, and spiritual development of its practitioners

It protects against the psychological fragmentation which could threaten the psyche during

its exposure to multidimensional experiences of inter-time travel in certain knowledge that an identical event or condition having occurred on the

cosmic ladder it has happened before it is manifested on earth.

The adept links, by symbols and symbolic acts which touch deep chords within himself

echoing high spiritual principles, to the client’s body and uses this as a focus. The client’s

body then becomes the means of expressing dynamic energies as these are expressed both

within the realms of the Gods and within the adept’s subconscious. This then becomes the

energy of manifestation.

The adept, as the focus of consciousness of the client, then works

changes within his own psyche and the psyche of his client. This is also the role of the

shaman in its broadest and not simplest sense.

The Reiki Master must acquire a knowledge of his cosmic roots, his self identification, for

treading this path, realizing that we are not alone in the universe and therefore not having

superior status to other energy life forms encountered on the path. In this regard he should

have no set views or ideas as to what the universe is all about.

The Os-Mo-Ro-Pup Healing Method of Truth and Light becomes the means for Reiki

Masters to escape the prevailing climate of insecurity, which promotes the tendency for

people to become group-minded in the mistaken belief that security stems from a belief or

philosophy that is espoused by a large number of people. It assists in the development of

individual cosmic identity, by the balanced use of both brain hemispheres, providing the

means through the symbols to externalize, projecting and breaking through to beyond the

time-space barriers, away from the influence of earth.

blessings of peace on your journey!

I offer fast online support and do my best to answer all questions promptly and fully and will always be available to you as you learn and work your way into mastery

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