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Atlantean Crystal Activation NOT a Reiki Attunement


Atlantean Crystal Activation

The Atlantian Crystal activation is more of a

Spiritual and personal Progression Attunement

that will help you on your Spiritual journey and

Mankinds ultimate Ascention.

The Purpose of this Activation is to bring in the

knowledge and Energy that was and is stored into

the main Atlantian Crystal which was kept in the

Great Poseidon Healing Temple in Atlantis.

This Crystal is nothing like anything we have here

on the Earth it holds all the ancient information

that the Atlatians used.

This included levitation, Telepathy, Manifestation,

transportation by intent and most importantly it

holds the key to Earths Ascention.

The Atlantian Crystal Empowerment will activate

the lost strands of dna within us and an Etheric

Atlantian Crystal will Permanently be placed

above your Crown Chakra to permanently

connecting you to its energies.

I offer fast online support and do my best to answer all questions promptly and fully and will always be available to you as you learn and work your way into mastery

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