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Divine Will Reiki Attunement 'I am that my will be Divine Will' Lightworkers


Divine Will


“I will that my will be Divine Will”

This manual has manifested for those who follow a path of service as ministers,

priestesses, monks and shamans. For individuals who’s life centers around the work of

bringing healing Light and wholeness to others and the planet. It’s my hope that it will

be of an encouragement to know that there is a force of souls and spirits that want for

nothing more than to join you in this service! Why are you an ordained minister,

priestess, shaman, mystic? Perhaps because you don’t need to be reminded to be spiritual.

It’s a yearning like eating and even that can be reduced for spiritual purposes and goals.

MUST be a Reiki Master to Recieve this system

but even if you are not, and are called to this system, please email me!

Blessings and Peace

Rev. Laura Bradley, RMT, CCA

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