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Seven Rays of Enlightenment & Healing Reiki Attunement


The Seven Rays

Seven great energies or streams of force demonstrate the qualities of Deity.

The Wisdom Teachings speak of them as the Seven Rays and they are

dominant conditioning and qualifying factors in our lives. But not only this;

they are, we understand, cosmic elements, reaching us from the unknown

spheres of other systems, and no part of the life of our planet is unaffected

by them.

In the same way as the seven colours are parts of the spectrum and the

seven notes are tones of the octave, so these Rays are differentiations or

qualities of the one divine Emanation. In some of the eastern teachings

they are called the seven breaths giving life to all forms, and they have

been referred to in various ways in different philosophies. It is these great

"Energies" that St John called symbolically "the Seven Spirits before the

throne of God."

The Seven Rays, each carrying particular qualities and tendencies, are

responsible for the different psychological types. Several Rays will probably

influence us, but one usually predominates and gives the main colouring to

our character. There is a connection here with astrology ... the astrological

influences carry these same streams of energy and our alignment with

particular Signs puts us more directly in touch with these qualities.


"The Hindus speak of them as the "Seven Praj patis" (Lords of

Creation); the Zoroastrians, as the "Seven Amesha Spentas"

(Immortal Holy Ones). In Egypt they were termed the "Seven

Mystery Gods." The Jews call them the "Seven Sephiroth". In

the Christian Bible they are referred to as the "Seven Spirits

before the Throne of God". In the Theosophical concept the

term "Seven Planetary Chain Logoi" is generally used."

Space, Time and Self by E. Norman Pearson. (p.70-71.)

Each of the seven great rays of creation represents a particular learning lesson for

our embodiment on the Earth. We have now entered an accelerated phase of our

evolution in which it will be important for each of us to integrate the aspects of all

seven great rays. We may call upon the assistance of the Archangel charged with

responsibility for the particular ray. It is also helpful to work with the color of each

ray. Visualize the color or wear the color.

You will be given much background about the 7 Rays that we all live including the history... you will also be given the information for how to call down by invocation the power of the seven rays into yourself and how to use them personally and how to work with the rays in a healing aspect for both yourself and others by being given clear instructions for visualization for yourself, others and situations...

attunement to a previous system is not necessary

however, it does make it easier to channel the energies for others :)

this isn't a 'hard' or 'large' system to learn

just a LOT of information so that you may fully understand and grasp the concepts and beingness of the chakras and how to work with them and use them in helping yourself and others!!

I offer fast online support and do my best to answer all questions promptly and fully and will always be available to you as you learn and work your way into mastery

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