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Dolphin Trilogy Attunements

Dolphin Trilogy is a wonderful way for you to connect with the healing powers

of dolphins. For a long time dolphins have been used with therapy for young

children and have been very successful at doing so. Dolphin Trilogy consists

of 3 attunements.

The first attunement is Dolphin Reiki and it assists you with healing and

teaches you how to connect with the dolphins. In Dolphin Reiki you will learn a

meditation and breathing techniques that will assist you with connecting with

the Dolphins.

The second attunement is Orca Empowerment, it helps to improve

communication and release old negative memories. It is the second level to

Dolphin Trilogy.

The third attunement is Dolphin Crystal Reiki, with this attunement you will

learn a complete healing system and how to heal using Dolphin energy and

crystals together. The two energies (dolphins and crystals) are a very powerful

healing modality and can be used to heal on many levels.

In addition to these you will also receive the Orca Empowerment!!

Blessings and Peace

Rev. Laura Bradley, RMT, CCA

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