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Celtic Wisdom

Reiki Attunement

Celtic Wisdom Energy System

An energy system channelled and created by Steve Malcolm to

celebrate the energies from the summersolstice (2003)

engage the energy of ancient Celtic wisdoms and symbols to help yourself and others

Your Celtic Reiki adventure begins with an experience unlike any other… We are all searching for meaning - meaning that comes in glimpses of experience and moments of bliss.

What if you could discover the secrets of holding onto that meaning and using it to something amazing in your life?

This path is one that leads you through a magical experience, which will transport you to another place - a place where we speak a Lost Language.

This language is not of words, but of a divine force that permeates every aspect of your life. This is the force of Reiki, an ancient Shinto principle that expresses the divine as a healing, intelligent energy.

In Celtic Reiki you can experience this force in a very particular way - through the trees, minerals, and the Earth. Because we are all the Earth; a complex and interrelated ecosystem that exists in a delicate balance.

No matter where you go, you will always require air, water and food from the Earth - we literally cannot survive without the Earth!

Yet as we change our environment to suit our immediate needs, building sprawling cities and living outside of the natural rhythms of live, we become dis-eased as a deep level. This manifests as various symptoms, which are treated in isolation. There is no painkiller that can heal the pain of your core-self… the Earth.

Celtic Reiki will bring you back to focusing on your core-self, so that the symptoms of modern living fade away. As you realign with the Earth and remember who you truly are, the dis-ease heals at a fundamental level and seemingly unconnected pains, traumas, and sickness simply disappears.

With Celtic Reiki, you can heal yourself physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. You can help others to heal in the same ways, yet by celebrating their own unique perspective.

You can work with Celtic Reiki methods to manifest the success you want; a better lifestyle, healthier and happier relationships, greater financial freedom, and deeper levels of work satisfaction. Every moment is clearer, calmer, and rooted in a greater understanding of who you were born to be.

Through your Mastery of Celtic Reiki, you will instill within yourself a very powerful sense of purpose. This purpose will compel you to achieve a legacy that lasts for a long time to come.

When you engage with the experience of Reiki (and the other facets of Ki), you discover the secrets that have always seemed to evade you. The meaning, the purpose and legacy that you were utterly born to live.

Regardless of your past hurts, your current pain, or your future fears; Celtic Reiki will transport you on a voyage through the Realms; idyllic and enchanting places where space and time are of little consequence.

Here you will meet the Mystics - powerful elements of your psyche that will guide you on a journey of discovery. With each footstep, every experience, you will know the rapture of being perfectly who you are. You’ll wash away the rigid shell of who you have been told to be and rediscover your own Lost Language.

Once you have completed your journey, you will have the potential to create a thriving business, which will enable you to be the professional you want to be. With a job that is fulfilling and supportive of your needs, work does not feel like work.

Creating abundance through visiting the Realms and Mystics (and bringing them into your physical reality, through the experiences of Celtic Reiki) is a truly magical way of living; it is the way of the advocate.

In every moment, you will have the support of a vast global community of other Celtic Reiki Masters, who strive each day to support and grow with each other.

You can share your experiences with people who never judge or tell you what you ‘should’ or ‘should not’ be doing, but will listen and nurture you in all that you are.

As you soothe your very soul, cleansing the events of your past and sweeping away the fears that bind you, you’ll never be alone. The community of Celtic Reiki and the Mystics of our unconscious potential will walk with you into the darkness and over sunlit field. Our voices speak in unison, with contrasting tone and timbre, giving you many paths to choose from, so that you can decide which is best for you. As you touch the force of Reiki it will heal all your worries and woes, offering you a sense of clarity and wellbeing.

As you develop your ability to sense Reiki, you will also uncover Nearth - the ancient Celtic principle of life energy. Combined, these facets of Celtic Reiki will offer you abilities that are truly wondrous - the awe-inspiring experience of ‘synaesthesia’, intuitive and sense abilities that enable you to look deeply into the hearts and minds of others, and the wisdom to look beyond this physical world…

I offer fast online support and do my best to answer all questions promptly and fully and will always be available to you as you learn and work your way into mastery

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