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Repair Empowerment

The Chakra Repair Empowerment helps balance and repair the

chakras. It is similar to the Chakra Flush in that it works on all the

chakras at once and it is easy to use. While the Chakra Flush works

more to clear out negative energy in the chakras, the Chakra Repair

Empowerment helps to rebuild chakras that have been weakened and

blocked of energy.

It is an easy energy to use, because one application will help boost all

the chakras. It is gentle enough to be used multiple times and should

not cause major clearing symptoms. While it is not as powerful as

other tools such as the Chakra Healing Attunements, it is an excellent

energy to use when you want to give a boost to the chakras quickly

and easily.

Very simple and easy to use, anytime, anywhere, any place!

I offer fast online support and do my best to answer all questions promptly and fully

Please email me with any questions...

Blessings and Peace

Rev. Laura Bradley, RMT, CCA

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