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Aura Repair Empowerment Reiki Attunement Fix Problems within YOUR AURA




Aura Repair Empowerment 

a very simple energetic tool that

makes it easy to fix problems with the aura.

The aura is the energetic field that surrounds the body. The aura

extends out from the body in a circle, from a few inches to a few feet

or even more. The aura serves as a natural psychic defense

mechanism, keeping out unwanted thoughtforms and energies. It also

energizes the body and feeds the energetic system, bringing fresh chi

to the chakras and meridians. If the aura is functioning properly, it

brings in fresh energy and expels old stale energy.

The aura can collect thoughtforms, both from the individual and those

around them. Someone who is constantly angry will have angry

thoughtforms collected in the aura. This serves to weaken the aura and

thus weaken the person.

Here are a few problems that can show up in an aura:

• The aura may be too weak, leaving the person feeling drained or

vulnerable to outside energies.

• A hole or holes may be in the aura, so the person is “leaking”

energy. This can lead to a feeling of fatigue. A precursor to a hole

may be a dent in the aura which is a sign of energetic imbalance.

• Other people can push their energy into the aura, which can lead

to emotional manipulation. Sometimes people can take on

another’s emotions if the aura boundaries aren’t maintained.

• The aura can become contaminated with negative energy and

thoughtforms, which causes physical and emotional distress.

• The aura can become blocked and stagnant so that the energy is

not flowing in and out.

Help yourself and others with this very simple yet powerful empowerment!

I offer fast online support and do my best to answer all questions promptly and fully

Please email me with any questions...

Blessings and Peace

Rev. Laura Bradley, RMT, CCA

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