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Atlantean Dolphins Reiki Attunement


Atlantean Dolphin Attunement

The Dolphins of Atlantis Energy Healing Systems will bring you many new healing skills.

These include:

· Atlantean Dolphin Auric Hands-on and Distance Healing.

· Atlantean Dolphin Crystal Healing Grids.

· Dolphin Healing with Light.

· Atlantean Dolphin Healing Bath.

· Atlantean Dolphin Wisdom and Love Meditations.

· Earth Healing with the Atlantean Dolphins.

· Creating Etheric Larimar (for use in Healing).

· The Larimar Healing Energy Ball.

· Atlantean Dolphin Healing Breath.

· Atlantean Dolphin Guided Meditations.

“Dolphins and Atlantean energy has been lost and hidden for many, many years. People had forgotten many, many things, and there is SO much angst and anger upon your World at this time! We have seen many centuries energies and life journeys unfold. New dawns, and new responsibilities are upon you. You ALL have the responsibility to make things RIGHT and HEAL your World.

We, and others can help, but we CANNOT do it without you. You must take some of the responsibility and commit to change to make your World a better place. This – the Dolphins of Atlantis – this is their GIFT to Humankind. It is NOW the time to share it.

Crystal Deva called KALA

in the interest of promoting health, well-being and knowledge I offer it for well below this in an effort to avoid exclusivity...there is already way too much of that in this world and I do not believe that anything that may help someone should be denied because of financial circumstances

This offering is for anyone....anyone at all interested in an alternative method of well-being

You need not be previously attuned to another system

but this will work well with other systems....

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