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 Energetic Orb Healing

Energy and Intention

By Rev. Laura Bradley

Owner/founder iempoweredhealing

Orb healing was developed by Rev. Laura Bradley in order that all parties in a given dis-ease state maybe healed/brought to their highest and best.

There are no rules there are no boundaries….

Orb Healing is all about suspending the rules and setting no boundaries…

It is simple and it is brief. There are no symbols, there are no ‘rituals’ (but that which you determine) and there is no right or wrong. But there are a few things to mentally do before embarking on the practice of Orb Healing that will boost the power of this very simple method.

There is no crossing of freewill, no power plays, no interference or attempt to interfere in the lives or bodies of anyone. Instead, this is a method based upon visualization, intention and prayer with NO attachment to outcome. Without attachment to outcome, the practioner and receiver may both be opened to the MANY possibilities and be free at the soul level to choose and receive that which is in their highest and best in that very moment.

The receiver is open to choose from endless possibilities that the universe may provide to them without ‘feeling’ that there is only one possible path or ending or being controlled by another. This is important! For when we are attached to the outcome (such as ‘I want 100 dollars’) and pray or ask the universe for this outcome only, we limit and deny ourselves of MORE! And perhaps BETTER! We often then decide (consciously or not) both as a practioner and receiver that the help/healing may only be had via one path, ie, I have to work to get the $100 or I will play the lottery to win the money. This is very subtle and done all the time. In healing work we may believe or attach that a faith healer will be the only path to full-health…look at that thought/belief…where are the limits and restrictions we have placed upon Source in helping us? 1st is that full-health statement! What exactly does full health LOOK like? That happy California girl/boy look that we see in the magazines? For many it is! And the next ‘hook’ is that only a faith healer will be the vehicle to this full-health! Really? Health is a passive act? We do this on many levels…take a pill, do this diet, go to the gym everyday! All of this in pursuit of full-health and what we believe and limit ourselves to receiving as full-health! I point these things out as a prelude to beginning to see just how much control our beliefs hold and play a part in our lives. Only once we recognize that we LIMIT OURSELVES and cut ourselves OFF from receiving can we then begin practice Orb Healing, for Orb Healing will ONLY work based upon our own expectations, beliefs, openness to possibilities and our acceptance of ourselves and others. To the extent that we can suspend expectations, let go of limiting beliefs, be willing to see beyond our narrow possibilities (be ready to take advantage of opportunities!) and accept where we are NOW without falling prey to hopelessness or despair can we change how things are.

Heavy stuff! But it is possible J I have seen amazing results from this! A divorced couple fighting over their children suddenly finding a way to get along and work together after YEARS of adversarial fighting and vindictiveness. A husband and wife ‘falling’ in love again, depression being lifted overnight, broken bones healing quickly, important lost items being found out of the blue, money coming at just the right moment in the right amount and more!

Are you ready to grow and learn? Can you suspend your beliefs just long enough to receive what is waiting for you? It takes personal work on your part and is much easier to do for others than yourself, but once you begin to see others enjoy the benefits of Orb Healing you will begin to believe that you can use this for yourself!

please email me with any questions!


Rev Laura



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