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Etheric Cord Cutting 101 NO Reiki Attunement Pure How To Do


Cord Cutting 101

Release Unhealthy Cords

Negative Karma

Unwanted Energy Sharing

A Short Manual on How To Cut Cords

with several safe ways to do so!

Etheric cords are energetic attachments we have to other people as well as

animals and inanimate objects and circumstance/situations. Those who are clairvoyant and claim to be able

to see cords often describe them as thin energetic filaments that actualy

attach from one individual to another or from individual to object.

Healthy cords attach at the heart chakra; negative cords will attach elsewhere,

often in the solar plexus, stomach, lower back, or even the spleen. Negative

cords come in many different forms. For example, if someone is an energetic

vampire, they will unconsciously attach an etheric cord to you and use it to

drain your energy. Two people who are addicted to each other will have very

entrenched etheric cords attached. PTSD is another form of negative cords.

If you are looking for a way to help you release negative attachments that cause you to feel negative physical, mental and emotional states then please consider learning how to cut those ties that bind you!

This is NOT a Reiki Attunement and in fact you do not need to be previously attuned to any type of energy system!

You just need a basic understanding about emotional energy and the willingness to try.

I make no promises as to any outcomes as everyone and every situation is different.

This is for informational purposes ONLY. And is being sold as such.

And as always I will do my best to help you understand!

just email me!

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