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Akashic Records Flush Empowerment Reiki Attunement



The Akashic Records Flush Empowerment is designed to clear

the Akashic Records where and when one’s soul’s suffering

originated so that one is not restricted on a karmic and energetic


This will relieve endless and needless suffering so that one can

be free in the here and now.

Accumulated Energetic restrictions from past lives through

traumatic negative life experiences, negative attachments or

negative karma that the Soul has in its record will be cleared so

that the corporeal, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are no

longer plagued with negative programs of suffering, restriction

and or disease.

This will prevent these programs from keeping one prisoner to

the negative thoughts and emotions that are not even one’s own

and are certainly not serving one’s Highest and Best Good.

Karmic ties, past life relationships, past life traumas, and

possible future events based on the Akashic Timeline will be

purified and cleared so that the Highest Outcomes are

manifested in all aspect of one’s life. During this clearing

process unjustified karma will be removed.

Blocks to one’s sense of oneness with the God Source, selfknowledge,

purpose, prosperity, and or growth will be flushed

away with the powerful healing energy of this system.

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