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Ancient Atlantean Wisdom 10 part Lesson Course Not Reiki!!

$40.00 $59.99

Knowledge Psychic Auras Meditation Techniques Learning

Ancient Atlantean Wisdom




This is NOT a reiki system nor an attunement...but a 91 page document consisting of history and knowledge of the Atlanteans

You will receive this document via save a tree method...nothing is shipped to you.

This is not just about esoteric theory, but factual experience!

The course is designed to be practical, spiritually illuminating

and quickly enables you to have impressive results in your personal improvement, knowledge

and healing work.

It is the ideal course for beginners, who have only a rudimentary understanding of Atlantean

history or none at all regarding energywork and an invaluable healing tool for experienced healers, working with their own clients.

Along with the document for self-learning and experience you will also receive my own personal support to help you understand what you are learning via email.

This is a self learning course that will teach you:

Atlantean History/Thought

Techniques for:


Experiencing and Gaining Knowledge of Past Lives

Soul Groups


Life Plans and Life Lessons

Spirit Contact

Protecting Yourself

Contacting the Higher Self

Atlantean Psychic Arts

Astral Travel/Dream Work

Aura's and Chakra's

Ancient Atlantean Healing Techniques

How to make Gem Elixirs

Ley Lines, Energy Center, Dowsing and Pendulums

Basic Astrology

This offering is for anyone....anyone at all interested in an alternative method of well-being

You need not be previously attuned to another system

but this will work well with other systems....

I offer fast online support and do my best to answer all questions promptly and fully

Please email me with any questions...

This is NOT an attunement NOR an Energy System

This is a manual of various esoteric learning that you will, after practicing and completing all exercises have knowledge and access to you...but ONLY if YOU USE IT!!

Excellent for those just beginning their journey!

Blessings and Peace

Rev. Laura Bradley, RMT, CCA,MH

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