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Courage Essential Oil Blend 15 ml Panic Attacks, Stress, PTSD, Anger, Hysteria, Emergencies!



Essential Oil Blend

courage and clam in the storm

helps to restore balance and peace under the most stressful situations


I love using essential oil blends on a daily basis....however, I do not like to spend a ton of money to acheive effective results for health and well-being. While many other companies may charge alot for their oils, I have undertaken the journey to provide myself and others quality and effective essential oils for health and well-being at a fraction of the cost of most companies without sacrificing anything.

I have given this to friends, family, teachers and associates...some familar with another companies blend and some not...but they all say that this is excellent and works wonders... (one is a police officer another is a counselor).

Courage is good for:

Balancing the bodies energies to promote courage, confidence and self-esteem. It supports the body's own mechanisms in self-correcting balance and alignment. Promotes homeostasis which is peace, calm and balance.

Practical applications include:

Hysteria and Upset due to trauma/shock (may help alleviate the emotional symptoms)

To help stay calm and focused in emergency situations

May help over time in alleviating Depression

May help PSTD symptoms

May help in the releasing of anger and negative emotions

May promote emotional balance and stability in the face of situations that would normally cause anger and great stress

May help calm the angry and upset child/adult

Panic and Anxiety Attacks

Essential Oils In Valiant...Courage and Calm in the Storm


Blue Tansy



Carrier oil is sweet almond oil


Direct Inhalation

Bath or Shower Water

Direct Application to Skin

Has also been used to descramble the human energy field and miridians

Email me with any questions or concerns....

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