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15ml Angels Surround Essential Oil Blend Protection and Healing


Angels Surround

Angelic Protection

15ml size

picture is representative of size of bottle

if purchased, I will make the blend by hand for your order as I normally do not stock this

Angels Surround is a specialty blend that is handcrafted by master blender Laura Bradley to create a field of protection and to surround one's self with the smell and feelings of the angels. Energetically this special blend will lend a helping hand in protecting the energy field of the body, lend strength to the wearer and help to repel negative influences.

Emotionally and spiritually uplifting and calming at the same time

Fortifying...a good essential oil perfume to use when you need all the help you can get to cope

People will be asking "what are you wearing" all day long...

The essential oils



Blue Tansy


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