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15ml Aura Protection & Clearing Essential Oil Blend Peppermint Rose White Sage


Essential Oil Blend by

Rev. Laura

Aura Clear and Protect

15ml Bottle

Aura Clear & Protect (tm) is a specialty synergestic blend of pure essential oils (no carrier!) that is not only uplifting to the heart and soul but when used correctly and run through the auric field of the user will cleanse the aura field and strengthen and protect the user's auric field.

There is no need for dilluting and is perfect to carry with you for whenever you feel the need to strengthen yourself...

anywhere, anytime

Perfect for traveling when you may need an uplift in the energy!

Inhalation has a cleansing and clearing effect

Use on sacred objects or during a reiki healing session to clear the aura or cleanse the table after use...

You may use this oil synergy to cleanse and clear rooms, cars and other people!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions as I am always happy to answer questions

Will come with directions

blessings and peace

Rev. Laura

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