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Super Smudge & Clear Essential Oil Blend White Sage Rose Crystals Reiki Clear



Essential Oil Blend..

Super Smudge and Clear

15ml Bottle

The essential oil bottle containing the essential oil blend has been infused with light and love and intentioned to clear and remove any negative energy and set up reinforcing help and deflection (in a most positive manner!) The Vibrationally attuned water with the above stones was soaked in the New Moon Light and sprigs of rosemary and sage.

the rest of the 'ingredients' are proprietary but very very useful in providing smudging and clearing properties as traditionally prescribed

When you can't burn sage

You can definately use iempoweredhealing's

Super Smudge and Clearing

Perfect for traveling when you may need an uplift in the energy!

Inhalation has a cleansing and clearing effect

Use on sacred objects or during a reiki healing session to clear the aura or cleanse the table after use...

When burning sage is not can use Super Smudge and Clear

Cleanse and Clear at the sametime!

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