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THE RUB Essential Oil Pain Relief Promoting 2oz Nutmeg



nature's answer for pain relief

2 oz.

(the picture shows the size of the bottle)

All Natural

Perfect for VEGANS

all natural chemical free plant based waxes and essential oils

After an overuse injury suffered while doing chairmassage at an event in Dale City, VA last year I was in agonizing pain while driving 40 miles home in heavy traffic. I could lift my right arm at all due to sharp shooting pains in the upper front part of my shoulder. I knew I had pulled some muscles in my upper arm and shoulder. Ibuprophen didn't help...heat..tylenol...nothing...I couldn't begin to touch it either.

So I turned to my trusty natural 'medicine' cabinet of essential oils and came up with


and within moments of application the pain and stiffness was gone and it smelled good too!

I couldn't believe when my classmate was suffering with some tight, spasming back muscles one night in class I let her use it...with the same results...she bought what I had on the spot and keeps coming back for more.

Perfect for after sports events



Working all Day at the Computer

Help promote increase blood flow and removal toxins from that painful area (both of which play a large factor in what causes some types of pain) and use mother natures' power to promote pain works!

Maybe Good For

tight sore muscles

strained muscles

pulled ligaments and tendons

muscle spasms

the pain associated with a bad sprang

a lady in Bealton, Va reports that her children use it after their sports events and that they say 'it helps'

Some of the essential oils in THE RUB:




in a base of castor oil to extend the absorption time thus promoting longer last effects

all of these essential oils are documented as being anti-inflammatory, analgesic and more (Reference Essential Oil Desk Reference 3rd Ed. Essential Science Publishing)

and did I mention it smells good too?

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have...I am very responsive!

Nothing is intended nor implied by the author of this product. Always seek professional medical advice when dealing with a health issue. Nothing has been proven or approved by the FDA and this author makes no medical claims as to the viability of this product. Please use your discretion and care when using alternative therapies as you use this product at your own risk. The producer of this essential oil product is not a qualified medical provider, however, she has been trained in the clinical applications and uses of essential oils.


Neither iempoweredhealing nor any of its products are in any way affiliated with Young Living Essential Oils or any of its products. Young Living Essential Oil blends are prepared using proprietary formulas. Although some of iempoweredhealing’s essential oil blend products are intended to have similar effects as YLEO blend products, iempoweredhealing’s products are not and cannot be prepared using YLEO’s proprietary formulas .

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