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SS Ajoite Crystal Pendant #1 Harmonizer Healing Stone


Soul Art by

Rev. Laura

Ajoite Pendant

.925 sterling silver bail

.999 pure silver wire

Soul Art (tm)

The Stone ONLY is:

50 mm longest

28 mm widest

Total Weight of Pendant is:

22.4 grams

: Ajoite was first found identified at Ajo in Arizona where it was discovered by the Papago Indians and highly valued as a bringer of purity and peace.

this particular piece is from Messina SA

Metaphysical Properties Of Ajoite


This is a stone that produces a sense of peace which harmonizes the emotional body. Ajoite will assist in release of sorrow, anger and fear. It is wonderful if you seek to heal old wounds or find compassion and it assists in connection to Inner self, Higher Self and All That Is. It helps open one up the boundless potential that exists in each one of us.

It is a very sweet stone to use when working with the throat and heart chakras and in meditation and for all levels of healing.

This ajoite is in snow quartz which is also calming and soothing metaphysical properties and as a stone for working with the crown chakra. With these characteristics it is not surprising that it compliments the Ajoite so perfectly.

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