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Psychic Spiritual Core Guidence Reading 2 Questions Detailed


Do you have questions? Are you seeking clarity? Do you need some help or guidence in someway?

Or are you just looking for confirmation about something you already know about or more details?

Are you sick and tired of not knowing what is that is going on within YOU? and want to really get to the bottom of the problems in your life?

What is it that is really going on?


this offering is for reading that will get to the heart of the matter spiritually for you and reveal to you the internal nature so that you may grow beyond what is happening and will cut to the bone of the issue and hopefully give you some insight and help to make the changes that you are being called to make to live the life that you are meant to live

this is not a straight up psychic reading...this is a spiritual learning reading that will definately be thought provoking


you may receive information that you already know or be asked to look closer

you may get information that was previously unknown to you

this is for 2 questions and ONE follow up if you care to use it

Perhaps I can help you help yourself

My name is Rev. Laura Bradley, I am a fourth generation healer and intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher and certified para-professional counselor.

I always offer information in such a way that will be helpful and informative to you and that allows for the freedom of free will, for I believe that there is never anything set in stone until it is done. We are constantly changing and evolving and therefore, re-writing our future on a moment to moment basis. I always try to encourage personal empowerment and growth and to see truth, for the truth indeed, sets you free...

The more detail the better for a more accurate and clear answer.

Please be sure to email me at with your 2 questions.

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