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14 steps to self and other shadow work

Before the advent of modern religious forms all human spiritual practices were based on a direct and ecstatic union with the natural energies inherent to all of creation. Life, although often brutal, was simple and based on an inherent respect for the divine, which was seen to be part of all of reality. There was no sense of separation between spirit and matter, no dominion of the rational over the emotional, no sense of human superiority as the master being who has the right to exert control over nature. Humanity was part of nature, fully aware of the subtle ecological balance of planet Earth. The ancient shaman, through their mastery of awareness, came to deep insights regarding the nature of reality that Western science is only now beginning to realize. Although slight differences exist in the specific language used in various cultures, the basic insight of all shamanic cultures was that everything is energy. Everything seen and unseen is made up of the same basic life force, what we often associate with God, or whatever we call the supreme being. These shaman knew that every thought, every emotion, every action rippled through the unified field of energy of which we are part, creating often astounding results. Their awareness of this fact caused ancient peoples to live their lives in harmony with Mother Earth, realizing that all of creation formed an interdependent whole.

The question is HOW do we return to this?

by inner work!!

within this manual you will given the knowledge and attunements for the following

  1. Shamanic Template

The Shamanic Template can be seen as one of the core aspects of this manual/attunement process. A template, in this context, is an energetic construct or space within which a connection exists with various levels of intelligence. Specifically, the shamanic template consists of the Overligthing Deva of Shamanism, the Overligthing Deva of Shamanic Healing, your Solar Angel, Your Higher Self, Luminous Healers from the White Brotherhood working with shamanism, and the members of the Nature Kingdom.

Devas, or Shining Ones, are angels who oversee virtually every aspect of creation. Their purpose is to maintain form, be it physical, such as a rock or crystal, or philosophical, such as a school of thought. They Devas can be seen as the invisible forces holding reality together. The Overligthing Deva of Shamanism is the higher order intelligence responsible for all shamanic ways and practices. The Overlighting Deva of Shamanic Healing is specifically responsible for the shamanic healing practices.

Solar Angels are angelic beings working specifically with subtle energy. Each human being also has a Solar Angel that is with them through all time. This is our angelic companion that is sometimes known as the guardian angel.

The luminous healers of the White Brotherhood are a vast group of ascended beings working for the benefit of all life. In the Shamanic Template these members are specifically shamans who are no longer physically incarnate, but who are still working with us, guiding our shamanic work.

The Nature Spirits are the energy beings overseeing the natural world, the so-called tree spirits, faeries, etc. Their function is to maintain the natural world and in the context of shamanic work ensures that the physical manifestation of the work be harmonious.

The Higher Self is your own most spiritual aspect. It is the part of you overseeing your spiritual evolution. During professional work with the shamanic template, the Higher Self of your client will also be present to assist in the work.

The Shamanic Template can be used for any shamanic work, be it journeying, ritual or healing. It is available in three formats, personal, professional (you and another), and group (you and two or more people).

  1. Lightbody

The lightbody or luminous body is our energy body that interpenetrates the physical, but is not limited to the physical body. This attunement strengthens the lightbody, empowers and harmonizes the aura and specifically facilitates the awakening of the 7 chakras, the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras, the awakening of the unified chakra field, the alignment and awakening of the three tan tiens (in the lower abdomen, the chest and the third eye), the awakening of the microcosmic orbit and the awakening of the Ao centres, or cross of fire. It also includes a kundalini preparation function for facilitating a safe awakening of the kundalini energy. This attunement can be called in daily, for further enhancement of the luminous body.

  1. Spiritual connection shakti

Shamanic work includes the ability to function effortlessly in different dimensions of reality. It also entails connecting with sources of guidance from non-physical dimensions. This attunement, or shakti, expands the practitioner’s ability to connect to sources of spiritual guidance. Specifically, it allows for connection to the Higher Self, spiritual guides and angels. This shakti can be run by simply saying “spiritual connection on.” For example, prior to meditations or even during healing sessions to assist in receiving guidance.

  1. Space clearing shakti

This shakti is used to clear a space for spiritual work and is activated through intent, eg: “Let this space be purified and sanctified, let no negative energies enter here.”

  1. Mind expansion shakti

In order to operate in different dimensions of reality, the shaman needs to be able to expand his or her mind, i.e. altering the frequencies of the brain. This attunement facilitates this process. It can be called in through intent prior to meditation.

  1. Three worlds

This attunement expands the connection to the world tree, which represents the lower, middle and upper world. It also enhances journeying ability.

  1. Universal Shaman

This attunement provides a connection to ancient shamanic wisdom, through re-activating our dormant genetic memories of our shamanic past. Since we are all one, this attunement also allows us to access the shamanic wisdom and practices of present day shamanic cultures.

  1. Directions attunement

This attunement provides a connection to the energies of the directions, East, South, West, North, Centre, Above and Below.

  1. Elemental powers

This attunement connects us specifically to the elemental powers of Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit.

  1. Mother Earth / Father Sky

This attunement connects us to the powerful, nurturing energies of Mother Earth and Father Sky, the great masculine and feminine energies of the universe.

  1. Sun / Moon attunement

This attunement creates a resonance in our energybody with the frequencies of solar and lunar light, energies that can be used for healing or ritual work.

  1. Shamanic Light

This attunement connects the practitioner to the primary healing energy for this workshop. Shamanic Light is a powerful healing frequency that is a balanced blend of elemental energies. Apart from the energy qualities of Shamanic Light, the attunement also brings a connection to shamanic healers in non-physical dimensions who will assist you in your healing work.

  1. Source Light – the Light of Great Spirit

This attunement provides access to the infinite and eternal Light of Great Spirit, the original Light that sprang forth from the primal darkness of the void. This energy has an all-purpose healing function and is also important for spiritual growth, e.g. meditating on the Light.

  1. Joyful living attunement

This attunement is mainly directed at the heart chakra and increases the heart centre’s ability to function in unconditional love, joy and courage.

  1. Power animal attunement

This attunement enhances your ability to connect with power animals. During this attunement, you may also recover your primary power animal and become aware of it’s presence in your life.

  1. Energy utility functions attunement

This attunement allow for greater control of energy through intent. The functions of this attunement will work with most other forms of energywork too. The functions are activated through keywords and intent.

You will be shown the BASICS and from there it is up to you to learn and explore..

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