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Posted by Laura Macklem on May 10, 2016 at 5:25 PM

Good day dear ones! and welcomed to the NEW iempoweredhealing blog!

What will you find here in the coming days, weeks and months? Sometimes some EMPOWERING messages and words of encouragement, other times some great tips and ideas on how to live a more empowered life. The iempoweredhealing blog will encompase so much but most of all, it is being created to expand upon the website and give you more information and for me to share the vast amount of knowledge that I have without overburdening the website!

I always love to know how someone came to begin a business and love to learn about the 'personality' behind it and their story!

Many years ago I was living a life that to put simply, felt not right to me. I was going after and trying to do and be everything that the world told me was good and right, but it just didn't FEEL right. A series of bad choices and decisions led to a major crisis in my life that took away everything in my life including my freedom, my children and my own ability to do for myself and them. As I worked through this crisis and began to reevaluate my life and how I had arrived in that moment of complete nothingness I began to have an awakening of sorts, that LIFE was so much more than the 'reality' of society and all the constructs that society placed upon the people living in it. That there was so much MORE beyond what we as humans could see if only we cared to 'see' and/or 'hear' it.

I had always been involved with using essential oils and homeopathy for healing my body but became empowered to take this even further for essential oils and homeopathy can do so much more! I had a family that had always been jewelers and collectors of crystals and stones, but didn't know what they had known about them! That these wonderful gifts from the earth were much more than just 'pretty things', that they could indeed influence our lives! I had also been one that could know things that were not spoken of or about and even got 'that feeling' about people, places and things, but had always discounted this and instead 'trusted' the world instead, often to my own detriment.

This is what led me down the road that I have been traveling for over a decade now...that of living a life full of intention and empowerment...I was encourage in making beaded jewelry and got 'lucky' one time at a local crystal shop. I started with $50 and built upon that money, giving of my vision of beauty to others which then expanded even further until about 10 years ago when I made the leap of faith, quit my 'day job' and dived head first into selling my own jewelry and crystals on ebay which paid off in spades as I followed my dream.

Things and times change of course, and there have been times I have doubted my calling...but I always come back to the beginning to reimagine my life, my business and purpose. None of these stray too far off of my original dreams but evolved into something better and it is with this in mind that I wish to help you too live out your dreams instead of being a slave to the machine of the world. Our limits in life are only those things that we place upon ourselves. Nothing is ever finite, finished or completed! An empowered life is one that we control ourselves on every level instead of just drifting along. We all, as humans, will always need healing...the question becomes do we blindly follow the status quo or follow our own heart?

Welcome to iempoweredhealing! thank you for allowing me to be apart of your journey and may you find that which you seek within!


Rev. Laura

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