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Expanded Ethereal Herbs Reiki Attunement Herbal Learning


Ethereal Herb Reiki Attunement

Expanded and Improved Ways of Using!

In this Expanded Etheric Herbal Remedies guide you will be exposed to a variety of herbs, which you will then be able to use the ETHERIC qualities of these herbs.

You will also find how to do an Etheric Herbal Healing either in person or via distance, make an etheric herbal elixir, self attune to other herbs not found within the 1st manual.

Level 1 gives the list of herbs

Level two consists of the first remedy list

Level three is the second remedy list...

The second manual will give you the history of herbalism and an overview of the chakras to which the herbs will be related in how to use in working with the chakras and for those who practice ‘magic’ a teaching of herbs in this manner.

An herbal meditation is given along with how to pass along to others and add other herbs as you wish

If you are a practicing Wiccan, Herbologist, or anyone who enjoys working

with Herbs then this System is a MUST HAVE.

How many times have you needed a herb for a spell, Potion, Lotion etc only to

find out that you have run out?

By receiving this attunement you will never have to worry about this again?


Rev. Laura

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