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Universal Pet and Animal Clearing and Healing Profile Plus Image


Universal Pet and Animal Healing and Clearing Profile (UPAHCP)

and Pet and Animal Healing Image

Many years ago I was very fortunate to met a wonderful woman from Australia on eBay. Her name was Melinda Knights. She and I often conversed about how to help others, including animals become whole again. One email, she expressed great excitement over a project she was working on with a friend of hers and she would often email me the work in progress that would finally become what is now known as the

Universal Pet and Animal Healing and Clearing Profile (UPAHCP) and the Pet and Animal Healing Image.

Wow! What a gift the Profiles and Image have been!

I am forever grateful to Melinda for sharing this with me and now wish to share this with you!

Taken directly from the HealingHolograms website:

"The UPACHP was created in love - for the love of all animals. It is a guidance system for those that use it to help them to know their animals more deeply and respond to their pet family members with every deepening love, care, understanding and respect. What the UPACHP also provides for each person, novice or experienced healer, is a way to bridge heavens love and light to their animals, especially in a time of need. The UPACHP has been created as a heavenly but sophisticated mechanism to provide timely healing in whatever way is needed to each pet it is applied to. It works by first connecting to Gods energy, which then invokes many realms of divine beings to assist and support your animal individually through whatever is needed on any level to clear, heal, and guide your pet to greater levels of peace, wholeness and freedom." (Channeled Message from the Animal Healing Councils)

The UPACHP is an incredible modality as it covers many areas of healing and clearing. In summary some of the areas it works on include but is not limited to:

Clearing, healing and transmutation of energetic weaknesses, imbalances, illness and disease states in the pet or animal. Healing for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, wounding, damage, abuse.

Clearing, healing and transmutation of negative, slow, dense, dark, heavy, congested, stagnant, confused, stuck and blocked energy the animal takes on from humanity or the planet that the animal cannot release or transmute on its own.

Clearing, healing and transmutation of negative electromagnetic energies or less-than-love frequencies from electronics, cell phones, microwaves, computers, televisions, phones, appliances, etc, that negatively impacts the health, well-being and vitality of the animal.

Clearing, healing and transmuting toxins and toxic substances with perfect integration with ease and grace ? especially toxins from flea/tick medications, immunizations, additives to animal food products; additives from treated/processed water and pesticides for outdoors animals.

Clearing, healing and transmuting any blocks the animal may have to experiencing optimal physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual health, well-being, strength, vitality and stamina.

Suggested Uses for this Pet and Animal Healing Image:

The Pet and Animal Healing Image is encoded with the healing energies and frequencies of the Universal Pet and Animal Healing and Clearing Profile. It also contains energy to assist in clearing the place where your animal lives - your home and land - as well as negative electro-magnetic energies so you will benefit from this image as well as your pet. Here are some simple ways that you can use the image on the next page.

Print off a copy of this image and put your pet?s toys, coat, rugs, or bedding on the image for an hour to infuse with the healing energies of the Universal Pet and Animal Healing and Clearing Profile.

Print off a copy of this image and put your pet?s collar, or tags on the image for an hour to infuse the energy of the Universal Pet and Animal Healing and Clearing Profile into the object. You could also print off the image on mailing label paper and stick part of the image on the collar or tags. Part of the image contains all of the frequencies for the entire image. This can also be done with a harness, bridle or saddle.

Print off a copy of this image and put it under the packages of food you purchase for your pet or animals. This will clear out any less-than-love or negative energies from the food including food additives.

Print off a copy of this image and put it under any medications or flea/tick collars or over-the-counter products you use for your pet or animals to clear any negative energies from the medications and to help heal any multiple drug interaction issues.

Print off a copy of this image and place it under your pet or animal?s water dish to infuse animal healing energy into the water your pet drinks. This will also raise the vibration of all water within the animal. This can also be done for birdbaths and outdoor water containers to support local wildlife.

For animals that live in small cages or tanks, you can place the image under their home for an hour once a week. For fish tanks or aquariums that cannot be lifted, or for large aviaries, the image can be attached to one side and left for 1 hour once a week.

For animals that live outdoors an image can be attached to any inner wall of a hen house, stable, barn, or shed that the animals frequent. If there is no outdoor shelter and the animals are in a paddock, a protected image attached to a gate or fence post in their area would be beneficial.

Place an image on any wall in the room or outdoor building where your pet spends a lot of time. The image will radiate positive healing energies and help to keep the general area clear and free of harmful electromagnetic or other energies. This image can be left indefinitely.

If you are not one who is someone who is comfortable with this healing way, please do not hesitate to contact me as Bill has developed other ways to use this system without having to be ‘hands on’ that is passive in nature as he recognizes that not everyone is a hands on person!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have


Rev Laura


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