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Communicate With YOUR Spirit Guides and Angels


Communicating with Your Guides

This is a very uncomplicated manual to help YOU connect with and communicate with your very own spirit guides and angels...

This course is designed to help you get information from your own guides, to help you learn how to hear and listen to their messages. I am told that we often hear the messages but we sometimes do not understand them and often do not listen. If you will follow the guidelines presented here, you will be able to gain knowledge and insight from your guides and your angels, who have been placed here with you specifically to help you with your journey. Because their assistance is so tailored to meet your needs, it is very important that you are able to hear and communicate with them. They have the knowledge and insights that can help you through, heal and learn from every life situation.

So, find a comfortable place to sit, relax, quiet your mind and let's get started.


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