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2 oz Baby Butter Diaper Rash Cream essential oils Natural Helichrysum Skin Healing


2 oz Baby Butter Cream

with Helichrysum



All Natural Works Great

Perfect for VEGANS

all natural chemical free cream

Many topical 'healing' agents work by suppressing the bodies own natural immune system response, 'kill' off germs using antibiotics or detergents or work by introducing chemicals into the body.


Many antibiotics, salves, ointments and prescriptions may actually be causing and furthering the problem.

Many people have sensitivities to chemicals

This diaper rash ointment doesn't just cover up the problem as many zinc based creams do...rather it begins healing and repairing upon contact working with the body's own defense system to heal the diaper rash quickly and effectively, no matter the cause..

This all natural cream with essential oils may help stop itching, skin inflammation, viruses, bacteria and more.

This Baby Butter has worked to help heal excema, psoraisis, infected wounds and cuts and more...

I personally use this for almost everything and my children and neighbors ask for it. My

I developed this baby butter for diaper rash when my oldest daughter who is now almost 4 got a 'hamburger diaper rash' that stumped even the best skin specialists...she had it for months...coming and going but never really going away...we tried everything...and then I got creative and after a few trials and errors finally hit upon this very effective cream...within just 2 days it was GONE for good..

It smells heavenly and only a tiny amount is necessary to start the healing process, even on diaper rash or rashes that are typically hard to control such as a diaper rash that is yeast induced.

While nothing has been proven 'clinically' or endorsed by the FDA I have seen the is amazing!

Safe enough to eat!

Some Ingredients:

All natural cream base (no parabens, chemicals)





Why not give this a try? You've tried all the rest, now try the best.

Typically great results are seen after just 2 applications.

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